For our week two blog assignment  we were to pick from a list of technology news type of site’s.  As I scrolled down the list, I noticed I have browsed several and currently subscribe to some.  Of the ones I am very familiar with, lifehacker is by far my favorite  I receive daily emails from them with updates of the newest trends.  My favorite aspects of the lifehacked content is its non orthodox content, which ranges from Do-it-yourself computer build projects to repurposing everyday items.  Todays email included a arduino project for programing led lights for a spooky ‘eyes in the dark halloween project.  For those of you who are not familiar with arduino arduino, it is a microcontroller which can be programed to control electrical items, really the possibilities are endless, but I will paste some links of examples. Some of my other favorites on lifehacker include the workstations, where users post pictures of their desks and computer setups, I like to browse for idea’s.

I have also subscribed to the PC world magazine in the past, but have sense went the way of online coverage.  And in the past, received RSS’s of Digital Trends, Techcrunch, and engadget.

In the spirit of learning I browsed some of the other suggestions for class, among those I found the Socialmediaexaminer the most enlightening, as that is my most ignorant subject among the bunch.  Specifically, the article on growing you facebook following was interesting.



arduino light cube (at the very beginning is the Arduino board)

Overview of 30 projects

Something awesome I found while looking for links, And I have to have it.

Growing your facebook following